LaFontaine Buick GMC of Dearborn Discusses how to Extend the Life of Your GMC Parts

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Most adults will spend several decades behind the wheel of a car. During that time, parts replacements will be necessary to ensure the vehicle’s safety and performance. But you can decrease the amount and cost of these replacements by following these tips for extending the life of your GMC parts.

Fuel Filter

If your engine reaches a point where it’s not running as smoothly or it’s struggling to start, the problem could be with the fuel filter. Often times, the “check engine” in your SUV or work truck will also illuminate. The best way to extend the life of this filter is to have it cleaned regularly, since excessive dirt build-up will cause it to clog.


The typical battery at LaFontaine Buick GMC of Dearborn lasts five to seven years, and you can ensure you reach the high end of this range by following a couple of simple tips.

One is to avoid using your car exclusively for short trips, since this is hard on a battery. Instead, try squeezing in the occasional longer trip, since this will help to replenish the battery and extend its lifecycle. Second, turn off the lights and unplug any electronics whenever you leave the car. This helps prevent battery drain.

Front Brake Pads/Discs

Brake maintenance and repair is one of the most common services undertaken by our GMC service team. Taking longer to slow down, squeaking, or grinding when the brakes are pressed, and unnatural vibrations are all indicators that a car’s brakes are failing.

The best ways to extend the life of your brakes are to practice softer braking and to have both sides of the pads and discs replaced together, as this will ensure balance.

Timing Belt

If you start hearing a grinding or high-pitch screeching noise from underneath your car’s hood, or you’re having trouble starting the car, there could be a problem with the timing belt.
If this belt breaks and you don’t service it right away, severe engine damage is possible because the belt could whip around the engine bay.

One way to get the most mileage out the timing belt is to store the car in a garage. Changes in temperature can make this rubber belt expand and contract but keeping it indoors will delay this process.

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Car repair bills are inevitable, but never enjoyable. However, you can save money and decrease the frequency of parts replacement at our local GMC dealership by sticking with these tips to extend the life of your car parts.

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